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Refreshingly different in so many ways, each and every track offers a different and distinct perspective ...the effect is predominanty tonal and contemplative, even haunting. - American Record Guide

Borkowski is a very thoughtful, deliberate performer on this album.  Even her programming is at once unique and very carefully considered. She displays grace, a beautiful sense of line, and utter control throughout this fascinating collection of pieces, and she most certainly achieves her stated aim to provide a “breath of fresh air."  - Nicole Riner

A superb accomplished flute player - American Record Guide

...loops and delays create uncertainty and undefinable sonorities, Borkowski delivers layered and reflective tones which build to a heightened sense of self-awareness and reassurance of the undiscovered. 

Composed flows by very much like water in a stream, very gentle and soothing. 

When people hear the word 'experimental' they often think of music that is atonal, harsh, or exceedingly strange. That said, many folks may surprised at how soothing and accessible these tracks are. These compositions are sparse and mellow but they have subtle peculiar threads that are woven into the music, just loud enough to be audible.

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Thank You, to the following radio stations for playing Composed

  • KALX, 90.7 FM, Berkeley, CA,

  • WTUL , 91.5 FM, New Orleans,

  • KRVM  91.9 FM Women in Music, Eugene, Oregon,

  • WRUV 90.1 FM Burlington, VT

  • WPRB 103.3 FM In Praise of Woman, Princeton,

  • SoundArt 102.5 FM in the UK,

  • KMFA,  89.5, Austin, TX

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